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Here are a few reasons to choose a machine signed by YCS Makine.

High Material Quality
Silent Shutter Profiles
Advanced Control Panel
High Speed Production

We consider the interests of our customers in every machine we produce.

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Delivered Machine

Delivered roll forming lines.


YCS roll forming lines that are exported to international customers.

We listen and work together to create a trully unique and unforgettable experience.

Easıly Use

Our shutter profile machine, which we produce with the latest technology and materials, is delivered to our business partner as a result of the report that it is suitable for shipment, after adjustment and maintenance under the control of our technical team manager and engineers before shipment. After the shutter machine, all settings of which are made in our factory, is positioned at our customer, it is ready for use only by connecting to electricity. The ease of use of the PLC screen and the fact that it works with millimeters ensures that all dimensions are easily served.

Why YCS Roll Form?

Our team specializing in automatic door profile is shipping shutter profile machine to all over the world. Our team working in the field of production and sales attaches great importance to customer satisfaction. For this reason, our support before and after sales continues on every product. Our products, which are produced from first-class quality materials, are mainly in the form of shutter profile machine, double shutter profile machine, greenhouse machine, shutter micro hole machines.

High Material Quality

We use the highest quality steel in our molds, which is the most important material of roll form machines. In addition, we manufacture fixtures shuttering machines for our business partners, using the best materials in their class, such as guillotine, encoder, motor, and uncoiler.

Meet our shutter profile machines that we produce.

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