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What Is Cold Forming Process?

Cold Forming Process
Cold Forming Process

What Is Cold Forming Process?

Cold forming is a bending process wgere the bending occurs gradually in several forming steps from an underformed strip top a finished profile. The process is very interesting for the sheet metal industry due to the high speed in which the profile can be produced. High strength steel has, in recent years, become more common in cold roll forming.

How Does the Cold Roll Forming Process Take Place?

In cold roll forming a profile is formed in several forming steps from an undeformed strip to a finished profile. The cold forming process is geometrically complicated due to the fact that the forming does not only occur in the tools but also between each forming stand.

When creating the tools, the tool designer must decide how mony forming steps the profile demands. The number of steps is dependent on the shape of the cross-section, tolerance, thickness and the material properties. Therefore, the knowledge of how high strenth steel affects the number of forming steps is important.

Advantages of Cold Roll Forming

During this process, an extremely fast production process takes place using metal plastic molds. The reason why cold forming is preferred is that there is little material consumption and a strong product is obtained.

Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming machine is a crucial tool in the cold forming process. This machine efficiently shapes metal sheets into desired profiles by passing them through a series of rollers. The cold forming process, facilitated by the roll forming machine, involves bending and shaping metal at room temperature, thus avoiding the need for excessive heat. This method not only ensures precise outcomes but also maintains the structural integrity of the metal, making it ideal for producing various components used in industries such as automotive, construction, and manufacturing. YCS Makine.

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