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What is Roll Forming Machines?

What is Roll Forming Machines?

Roll forming machines are machines that give shape to the sheet in order to bring the sheet to the desired size and in the desired way. This process lasts until the sheet reaches the desired shape.

In Which Areas Are Roll Forming Machines Used?

It is a series of manufacturing machines that need to be used in many sectors, especially in the automotive, construction, electrical, profile pipe, white goods, electrical and furniture sectors.

Why Should I Choose YCS Roll Forming Machines?

Yücesan Machinery, we produce reliable, high-performance and high-quality products for you by combining our dynamism and accumulation. Yücesan Machinery, which follows the technological developments most closely, continues to develop its products decently.

Our machines are designed for simple operation for everyone to use. Thus, there is no need for a technician or more than one worker to operate the machines.

Our machines, which we have produced from metal, are designed according to the needs of the geography where our users live and are offered to the service of our valued users.

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